Let’s Make Radio Together

I’ll do the hosting next week; are you free to do the listening?  Together we can execute a traditional, often satisfying media relationship.

Hear me these days and times on The Score:

Saturday 12/22: 9a-11a Inside The Clubhouse w/ Bruce LeVine (as always), 11a-2:15p w/ Steve Rosenbloom (as always, with varying end times)

Monday 12/24: 1p-6p with Terry Boers (!) for a Bears Monday.  Oh, this’ll be fun.  I get him Friday too (see below)

Wednesday 12/26: 1p-6:45p with Mark Grote.  Lots of room here for some leg stretching, guests and topics TBD.

Thursday 12/27: 9a-1p w/ Mark Grote.  Same as above, in the old faithful time slot. 

Friday 12/28: 1-6p w/ Terry Boers.  We’ll have room here, as we preview Bears-Vikings, to do some Hot Stove, get invaluable updates on T.B. Diddlers and Terry’s Basketball Re-education Camp, dance around secret radio station backstories, and remember when the Bulls were not a national joke. 

Saturday 12/29: 9a-11a Inside The Clubhouse w/ Bruce Levine (as always), 11a-1:30p w/ Steve Rosenbloom (as always with varying end times)

Hey, that’s a lot of hours available for content.  I’ve been storing up, baby, let’s roll! (Editor’s note: Matt has not been storing up)

See you then. 

Written by Matt Spiegel