The prototypical big, tall wide receiver or tight end is a fierce football weapon, especially on the goal line.  He is often a “coverage dictator,” forcing a defense to commit itself.  Also these days, “50/50 “deep balls are commonplace in both NFL and college football. A receiver is more valuable when he has a large catch radius, and the skills necessary to “go up and get it.” This is always discussed with varying clarity though, as there has been no perfect way to describe this skill set.

Behold, #GUAGI.(Go Up And Get It)

#GUAGI (noun): a receiver’s ability to gauge the flight of a football, strategically maneuver to catch it at its highest point, & strongly fend off defenders and complete the catch.

#GUAGI needs to be an official scouting term, an attribute easily discussed in conversational shorthand.

My current NFL’s best in #GUAGI:

DeAndre Hopkins

Mike Evans

Rob Gronkowski

Mike Williams

Kyle Pitts soon?

In terms of historical #GUAGI, Randy Moss is the uncontested G.O.A.T.

Note: A receiver need not be tall to have an excellent GUAGI (Steve Smith!), and a tall receiver does not necessarily have good GUAGI (Alshon Jeffrey).

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Written by Matt Spiegel