So This is Kyle Schwarber? That works.

In just over three calendar years, there have been incredible highs and painful lows. He gave fans myriad epic post-season moments, before even completing a full seasons’ worth of big league at bats. A devastating lost year of injury somehow evolved into his greatest triumph. There was a half season of extreme failure, leading to a demotion that challenged the confidence of the front office men who’d believed in him most. Remember how odd it was to see him in an Iowa Cubs hat?
In his early 20’s, Kyle Schwarber went through a ton. So did I. So did you. It’s hard. It’s not linear. It’s life.
And now here in June of his 25th year, the man is playing steadily well, visibly comfortable, secure, and established.
So maybe this is Kyle Schwarber, major leaguer. If so, nice to meet you. This player would be a perennial All Star candidate and a hell of a weapon in the middle of a National League lineup.
Yes, National League. Because the man has turned himself into an above average Left Fielder.
Schwarber is tied for 1st among all MLB Left Fielders….

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Written by Matt Spiegel