Matt with Tributosaurus

There are a ton of Tributosaurus videos out there, of wildly varying video quality and sound quality.

It’s always more fun to let the legend live as it was in our minds.

But here are a few.  From The Copernicus Center, doing The Beatles Project, in which we performed every song they ever recorded in chronological order:


Or a snippet from when we became David Bowie at Wire:

Or from that time we played in Daley Plaza, just before Chicago was so rudely denied the chance to host The Olympics:



Or from one of the innumerable times we became The Who at Martyrs, and played one of the world’s most satisfying songs:



And one more from the Tributosaurus Beatles Project.  Skip through the banter to hear one of George Harrison’s bests at the 1:22 mark:







Written by Matt Spiegel