Cubs Come Home Rolling

I tend to write most about baseball for public consumption when I see good things. Hey, we are who we are; I am prone to praise.
The Cubs series sweep at Citi Field in New York was worthy of plenty.
The Mets are a disaster right now. So many hitters are on the DL that Mickey Callaway had to start 5 lefty batters against Jon Lester. Power sources Yoenis Cespedes and Todd Frazier have been mediocre, then hurt. So many pitchers are on the DL that Ron Darling could come down from the booth and make the team.
Here’s how bleak it is in the Mets bullpen: RHP Paul Sewald was awful in May, to the tune of a 5.29 ERA. As June began on Friday, there was Sewald called upon in the high leverage 7th, to protect a 2-0 lead with lefty bats galore coming up. Callaway later said he had only 3 relievers available. Sewald did what he does; let both inherited runners score, gave up one of his own to give the Cubs a lead, and then CAME BACK OUT for a disastrous 8th inning capped by Kyle Schwarber’s 3 run homer. Ballgame.
Saturday night’s 14th inning 6 run bullpen blowup was declared by the New York Post a step in the right direction.
Acknowledging all of that, how the Cubs finished off that 6-1 road trip was undeniably encouraging in the big picture, and fun as hell to watch.

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Written by Matt Spiegel