On the Return to Daily Radio Life at The Score

I had gotten used to doing a radio show every day.  Did it for 9 years until an abrupt sidelining came in March of 2018.  You can read about that here if you want; perhaps you already have.

Danny Parkins and I were just getting going, having found our natural chemistry after a bumpy beginning.     

In the nearly 3 years since then, I have been awkwardly, vaguely employed at The Score.  I was lucky to be so, especially as the Pandemic hit and reshuffled all of our opportunities and priorities.

It was an ongoing, incredible gift to be able to talk and engage as vocation.  But I also had to emotionally manage the desire for a larger role, the relentless opportunity for resentment, and the confusion of the long term unknown.

This has been the source of repeated necessary reframing for the sake of mental health.  The assortment of thoughts that have come and gone with alarming regularity:

“This sucks.”

“In due time.  Stay cool.”


“Rage doesn’t help…remember, resentment is poison.”

“You’re a lucky dude to get to talk sports and such as a job, full time or not.”

“I thank god for my amazing wife who works her butt off to support us while I wait this out.”

“Who the hell thought this new show I’m listening to was a good idea?”

“I wonder if I can make it to level 347 in Bricks ‘n’ Balls…”

“Oh, I’m on today!  Yes, I’ll be ready.”

“Money doesn’t define me, a job is not an identity.  Or….does it and is it?”

“Good vibes, Babe…follow your own advice.”

“Really, you’re fortunate to have all this time with your son as he hits 7, and 8, and 9….”

“Will I ever work full time again?”

Those thoughts can now be silenced.  The repetitive loop has been severed.

Thank you for your interaction and support during the hiatus.  It was meaningful.

I’m thrilled to return to the focus it takes to do good radio, every day.

Danny is so good.  His life and standing in the business have changed a lot in the nearly 3 years we have been separated; I’m really happy for him.  No one works harder and no one wants it more. The possibilities for what we can do as a team in this next iteration are really exciting.

This is where I’m supposed to be: talking sports and more with you, creating a daily space for connection and companionship.  There’s just nothing like it.  Don’t tell the bosses, but I would do it for free.

I’m super excited to resume, move forward creatively, and see where we can go.

Written by Matt Spiegel